Classic Sandwiches

Cooked Ham

Original homemade artisan white bread sandwich with delicious cooked ham slices.

Tuna, walnuts and port

Our special Rodilla poppy seeds artisan sandwich bread with a smooth mix spread made with cheese, tuna, raisins, walnuts and a touch of port wine.

Cheese with walnuts

A sandwich that melts in your mouth. The tenderness of our special sandwich bread and the great taste of a superb mix spread made with cream cheese and walnuts.

Serrano Ham

Artisan white bread sandwich, baked to perfection combined with delicious Paleta Serrana ham. This sandwich is one of the first sandwiches Antonio Rodilla prepared in the Plaza del Callao deli.

Bacon and Egg

The softness of our sandwich bread and the unmistakable flavor of crisp bacon and egg.

Cheese with tomato

A sandwich that you don’t need to eat with anything else. Rodilla special sandwich bread, soft cream cheese and tomato.

Smoked fish

Rodilla bread sandwich and a mix spread prepared with North Sea smoked salmon, boiled eggs, green, onions and capers.

Blue cheese and arugula

Rodilla special poppy seed artisan sandwich bread, a delicate blue cheese mix spread, prepared with cheese, raisins, and a few leaves of arugula.

Tuna with tomato

Rodilla special artisan sandwich bread, and a mix spread of soft tuna and tomato.

Chicken Curry

The special Rodilla poppy seeds artisan sandwich bread with a mayonnaise-based spread, bacon and diced marinated grilled curr y chicken.


The world’s most famous sandwich.Made with tender Rodilla artisan sandwich bread and a soft tuna spread, artichokes,boiled eggs, peas and red peppers.



The most famous sandwich in Miami, the Cuban sandwich, reaches Rodilla. Crunchy baguette combined with sweet and sour pickle, roasted pork loin, sliced ​​cooked ham, Swiss cheese and a delicious touch of mustard.


Crunchy bread with sliced chicken breast, fresh tomato and caramelized onions and our delicious pesto sauce

Iberian ham with tomato

Crunchy bread with lots of Iberian acorn-fed ham, diced tomato and olive oil

Hot Focaccia

Smoked Salmon

Freshly toasted focaccia bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese and hard-boiled egg


Freshly toasted focaccia bread, roast veal, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes and a mayonnaise-mustard sauce

Hot Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese

A classic: freshly toasted bread with slices of ham and delicious melted cheese

Chicken barbecue

Freshly toasted bread with fresh tomato, lettuce, chicken breast and our delicious barbecue sauce

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