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The Cashier will be responsible for the Customer Service, sale or producing of products and of all the cleaning tasks in the different facilities. Guaranteeing in accordance with company procedures, the proper functioning of the Restaurant, ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Occasionally may perform functions involving more complicated or cross-cutting tasks.


  • Follows the operational policies (standards) and the stipulated procedures to carry out their job in an excellent manner, ensuring Rodilla’s four values.
  • Complies with cash handling and security policies.
  • Respects the brand’s imagetaking care of their personal hygiene and uniform code.
  • Works in a timely manner respecting the entry and exit times at each change of shift.
  • Maintains all the work centre’s areas in optimal hygiene
  • Uses and cares for all the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)that the company places at their disposal.
  • Always delivers the productsto customers respecting the quality standards established by Rodilla, and taking care of their image too.
  • Follows the established Customer Service protocol, respecting the times defined by the procedure.
  • Informstheir superior of any anomaly detected or identified at the work centre.


  • Operational Excellence:Ability to assume responsibility for tasks with a professional attitude and performance that reflects the ongoing effort to meet stipulated standards, efficiently, effectively and with the highest quality.
  • Customer Focus:Ability to resolve the customer’s external or internal needs, providing a value offer, taking care of every detail of the relationship and providing a response to customers’ requests and suggestions.
  • Teamwork:The attitude and permanent disposition to put into action one’s best personal capacities to everyone’s benefit.
  • Constant Learning: Capacity and concern to develop, expand and acquire new knowledge, experiences and skills that allow to carry out better the job assigned.

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